• how i show my affections: fucking score a fucking goal you motherfucking fucks

I don’t care if you fucking hate the flyers you better keep Kimmo Timonen in your prayers

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So at practice yesterday, most of the guys went into the locker room to change gear and such. While that’s going on, Giroux decided to pull a prank on them and went through half the water bottles to twist the caps off. Grossmann was the first victim and not too long after, Gustafsson fell for it. Brayden Schenn fell for it too (even though he saw it happen to Grossmann) and Simmonds was the last one to fall for the joke. It was honestly one of the funniest things I have ever seen the guys do at practice.

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Claude Giroux has a beard so fiery it could keep you warm on a cold winter’s night. Thank you, hockey gods.

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best. thing. ever.

Old,but gold

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Flyers are going to win the Stanley Cup! The Flyers win the Stanley Cup! The Flyers win the Stanley Cup! The Flyers have won the Stanley Cup!

-Gene Hart

May 19, 1974. 40 years ago the Flyers won their first Stanley Cup. (x

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can we just talk about beau’s face for minute

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What about Laflamme? Where’s he at?


"Ugh Jagr, you old fuck" - my younger brother while playing NHL 14

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