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lol that pic with jake :p srsly u look like puck slut -_-

yeah -_-  woah,I took a pic with my favorite player ever,I wore nice clothes,hugged him and tried to smile normally!!! I’m such a puck bunny!

theamasoncoots asked:
You could have picked any team in the NHL to be your favorite because you're not from North America. What made you pick the Flyers?

First I picked Chicago,but later,i felt like I don’t belong there.I watched them play and once I realized,it’s not a team for me.I felt like body without soul.I watched lots of games,where I always picked one side,but no team amazed me enough to be my favourite team.And then,Flyers came.Their style of play,I loved it.I also loved Boston style of play,but Philly already had my heart.I’m sure they are the right team for me.I didn’t pick them,I fell in love with them,with every player,with every game,with everything xxx

Thanks for nice question and sorry for long answer :)

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How can you be a fan of team u never seen play? lol

Let me tell you one thing:every time they play evening game,I’m staying up to 3a.m. (and sometimes later,due to time zones) to watch my team play on TV.I want to sleep really badly,but I also need to watch that game really badly,so I sit here,tired,knowing I won’t sleep for more than four or three hours.Then I go to school,It affects my performance,teachers yell at me because I can’t pay attention and I fall asleep sometimes.

But i keep doing this,because I LOVE my team.I love them more than sleep and I care about them more than about my health.

But yeah,I’m not a fan because I can’t afford plane tickets to Philly,which are more expensive than luxury holiday at greece.Thanks for reminding me,you anonymous gentleman.

Let’s do that honesty hour thing,m’kay?

Idk ask me stuff or whatevs


Is it just me or does Jagr look like a proud dad with his son in this?

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how are the flyers so attractive wtf how did this happen



If you don’t like Claude Giroux I will come find you, lay in your bed, and whisper his stats in your ear while showing you cute pictures of him until you love him.

But if you don’t agree I’ll monkey cling to your back until you love him so either way I’m not leaving until I spread the love of Giroux.

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So hard to find a right handed hair dryer.


How To Impress World Leaders, a short film by Evgeni Malkin

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